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Family Fun Sessions
Making Adventures Together

These sessions are on offer for families to try canoeing in a fun safe way. Maybe you have your own canoe and are already having your own adventures but just want to know more about what to do when you fall in! Maybe you just want a fun day out with friends. Our instructors are very skilled at giving you a great day out with just the right amount of coaching and fun for your group.

Family Touring skills coaching
Exploring as a Family

These sessions are aimed at families who are keen to use a canoe to get out and explore. The sessions will aim at getting you the skills to be self reliant on a trip and we will cover skills required to plan, prepare and pack for a day journey or an overnight adventure.
Example -
session 1 - Paddling Skills, introduction to skills
session 2 - Paddling skills, working together in a tandem canoe
session 3 - Planning for a journey and rescue skills
session 4 - A journey.

Canoe Skills sessions
Learn to paddle a canoe

These sessions are split into 3 categories.
Green - Beginner sessions will cover the foundations you'll need to start paddling, and develop the skills needed to become a competent canoe paddler. We will show you how to paddle both tandem and solo canoe.
Blue - Development sessions are aimed at building on the foundation skills and introducing skills and techniques you need to paddle efficiently on journeys.
Red - Progression sessions cover introduction to moving water, and will look at reading water, looking after yourself and working as part of a group on a led river trip

Guided Canoe trip
a journey led by an experienced paddler

A led trip by canoe on one of Northern Ireland's Canoe trails. Options for camping etc. are available on these trips. Suitable trips can be designed to cater for all skill levels.

24 hour Experience
a wild night in the outdoors

We have been running this trip with youth groups for several years and it has proven so successful that we are now offering it to individuals. The Experience starts at the drop off point where we set off for a short river trip into our designated wild campsite. You then set up your camp using various shelter methods and sleep systems. How well you sleep will depend on how well you build your shelter! To survive, we need shelter, fire, water and food, so we will take time to build our campfire using flint and steels and have a look at other methods. Next is Dinner time, we will prepare our food and cook it on the campfire and then you'll learn a few survival and camp-craft skills before heading off to bed. In the morning we will get up, have breakfast and head off on a Canoe trip to the finish point

Make Your Own Adventure is an official provider of the British Canoeing Paddlesport Awards.

Official British Canoeing Paddlesport Awards Provider

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